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tor. 27. juni


Dead Poets

EXHIBITION: Abstrakte Realiteter by SAART

Abstrakte Realiteter is a solo exhibition by Steffen Andersen, also known as SAART.

EXHIBITION: Abstrakte Realiteter by SAART
EXHIBITION: Abstrakte Realiteter by SAART

Time & Location

27. juni 2024, 19:00 – 11. juli 2024, 23:00

Dead Poets, Storgata 37, 0182 Oslo, Norway

About the event

My focus in art is to shed light on things that can be difficult, often in the form of a humorous and exciting motif. The inspiration here is broad, as I often use myself and my surroundings in my art. This also means that the motifs can be interpreted as one wishes. I enjoy working interdisciplinarily when it comes to techniques, but I usually stick to acrylic and oil painting. The artist name is both an abbreviation for Steffen Andersen ART, and a play on the fact that it can be painful, and at times difficult, to share one’s deep feelings through art. Recently, I have wanted to challenge myself and create something entirely new, for me. This led to much joy and frustration. A lot of back and forth. My 'theme' has often revolved around people, and perhaps somewhat serious themes – a bit direct. So, why not create something playful and symbolic instead? Symbolism is always fun. You perceive it in your way, and someone else in their way. Isn't that what art is about? Symbolism? I usually mean one thing with my paintings, while other times I paint emotions, or just mess around. The emotions don’t need to be the motif, perhaps that’s what I’m getting at. You can have your own thoughts, and I can have mine. Maybe we even share? Who knows? You can find out between June 27 and July 11. Welcome to a new chapter of SAART.

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